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New Mr Brady interview from Bloggerhouse.net!!

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B-House: First and foremost, thank you for taking the time with Bloggerhouse. Can you offer a brief introduction to our readers?

Mr. Brady: Naw, thank you! You can call me Mr. Brady, Big Braid Amazon or Mr. Mr. I’ve been doin’ this for awhile, and have put out quite a few albums, vinyls, cd’s, tapes, etc. I’ve produced three albums as a member of Deep Rooted and I’ve just dropped a new LP with LMNO, “Banger Management”.

B-House: When did you actually begin making music and who or what were some of your earliest influences?

Mr. Brady: I started off breakin’ in the ’80s, I wrote my first rhyme to “La Di Da Di”. However, I didn’t start really taking it serious until I was about 17 though. I began making beats around ’94, the first time I heard Big Daddy Kane, Afrika Bambaataa and Rakim, I was hooked!

B-House: Let’s cut right to the chase. July 6th marked the official release of your collaborative LP with lyrical workhorse, LMNO, and my favorite of the 6 that he’s dropped thus far, how long did it take you both to complete the album?

Mr. Brady: Wow! Thank You! Yeah, we put our hearts into this project and it was one of the easiest albums i ever recorded. Nothing was forced, everything just felt right you know? That’s when the music always comes out right. We went on tour last year and while on tour we talked about doing a album, so as soon as we got back i started sending LMNO beats and he keep sending them back with verses on ‘em so we just keep building, but I’ve known LMNO for a while now though, that’s true family right there! It took us a little less then a year to record it, but I went up to Long Beach and re-recorded everything in like 2 days.

B-House: Now, you’re a double threat on the LP, with a perfect balance between the “emcee” and the “producer”. What is more enjoyable and fulfilling for you, emceein’ or makin’ beats?

Mr. Brady: Well, I started as a emcee first but I would say I probably make more beats then I do writing nowadays but I really enjoy doing both. I like doing shows, so I’m always recording joints to put out so I can get on the road and whatnot. I love making beats everyday though.

B-House: So, what came first? The Mic or The Beats?

Mr. Brady: Emceeing for sure, I only started making beats because I was always asking people for beats and it always took to long to get ‘em, so i started making my own beats so I wouldn’t have to wait.

B-House: On a side note, you know you killed my trunk with the beats on the album (“Banger Management”), right? Man, some of those cuts have serious bottom!

Mr. Brady: Haha!!! Yeah, I keep heavy basslines on my joints, I don’t like it too clean you know? I need that rawness, I don’t want nothing to take away from the feel. That’s what it’s all about, the feeling, touching people, no watered down shit. As long as it feels right, leave it alone, that’s how i feel.

B-House: You’re most recognized for your contributions as a member of Deep Rooted, yet you’ve released an abundance of solo music. Could you please share some of your solo outings that we may have overlooked?

Mr. Brady: Yeah, I’ve produced three albums for Deep Rooted, check those! I’ve produced most of my own albums and I did on Battle Axe, back in the day. I’ve also put out about four albums on tape back in the day. Also, I’ve put out a single with Evidence called “Skills” in like ’99. Matter of fact, I’ve got about 17 pieces of vinyl I’ve been on from “Storm Brewing” with Tony Da Skitzo in ’96. I gave out two free albums recently called “Left-Overs” Vol. 1&2, you can download those both free and I’ve got “Left-Overs” Vol. 3 ready and about three more albums sitting right now that will hit you soon enough!

B-House: You’re nearly twenty years deep in the game, what has been the favorite release amongst your catalog thus far and why?

Mr. Brady: Wow! That’s hard to say. I know this album “Banger Management” is definitely one of my favorite albums I ever did for sure!

B-House: You’ve collaborated with an all-star lineup of the underground’s finest, who would you say is/was your favorite artist to “collab” with?

Mr. Brady: Damn, pretty much all of them, haha. It was dope when Killah Priest came thru the ‘pad and dropped a verse. Most definitely working with Diamond D, when he came in town he came thru, he’s super OG and a real dude and he really knows his records. He was pulling records out my crate telling me about what was on them, haha! Working with LMNO was dope, working with Moka Only is dope….a lot of cats!

B-House: You’ve emerged from San Diego, not exactly one of Hip-Hop’s more notable “hotbeds”. What’s the underground scene like out there nowadays?

Mr. Brady: It’s a lot of cats out here doing their thing, but you pretty much gotta’ leave Diego to get heard. I mean, it’s love in S.D., but if you want more than just your city to know about you, you gotta hit the road. We don’t have no labels or big marketing so it’s pretty much just all indie hustling, which is good to me. There is no middle man, but you just have to go harder to get your shit out there.

I moved up to the Bay for awhile in like ’97 just to get my name up and push my tapes. I would stand out on Telegraph all day slanging tapes, cats seen me and know. I would go to Vancouver, Canada, record 30 songs in a month on a 4-track, go buy tapes, dub them up and hit the streets and slang them. Diego’s cool, nice weather you know? You’ve got cats out here doing it like Mitchy Slick, Deep Rooted, Orko and Sha Dula. Also, Gaslamp Killer is from Diego, Gonjasufi, Tony Da Skitzo, LSPD, cats like that…

B-House: Aside from “Banger Management”, what else can we look forward to from Mr. Brady for 2010 and beyond?

Mr. Brady: Maan, I was hoping you would ask that! Afterh the album with LMNO, I’m dropping my compilation “Labor Of Love” on ClearLable Records, which is owned by Tajai of Souls Of Mischief. The album is comprised of all my beats that feature Guilty Simpson, Diamond D, Blu, MED, Aloe Blacc, Shawn Jackson, LMNO, Opio, Blame One, Tajai, Moka Only, Sene, Deep Rooted, Kas One and many more. I also have an album with Moka Only dropping this year, we call ourselves “Mr. Mr.” or “Mista Mista”, whatever. We did some really dope joints together, they’re bugged-out, slumpers and vibes. I just did a joint with Bootie Brown of The Pharcyde for our (w/Moka Only) album. I did “Pocketfull”, a new joint for Shawn Jackson’s new album (“Brand New Old Me”) that features CO$$, be sure to check for that! Also, I’m gonna’ release “Left-Over Vol. 3″, maybe a “Labor Of Love 2″? We’ll see..

B-House: You’re making a cross country road trip, what five albums are you taking with you?

Mr. Brady: Saafir- “Boxcar Sessions”, A.T.C.Q.- “Midnight Marauders”, Pharcyde’s debut, Slum Village- “Fantastic Vol.II” and LMNO & Mr. Brady’s “Banger Management”!

B-House: What albums/artists do you currently enjoy listening to?

Mr. Brady: Honestly, I don’t really listen to much new stuff, I do need to check that new Roots album, though. Oh, I have been listening to the advance of Shawn Jackson’s new album and I still listen to Sa-Ra’s first album. I like to keep up with what Blu’s doin’. However, I’ve been listening to much more instrumental albums lately, I listen to my beats a lot too and the stuff that I have dropping soon.

B-House: Once again, thank you for your time. Any parting thoughts/words?

Mr. Brady: Thanks for all the support. Make sure you pick up that LMNO & Mr Brady album “Banger Management” on UpAbove records. Big up my peeps LMNO for putting out 10 albums this year, congratulations! Also, be on the lookout for a lot of new music from me.

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